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Refrigeration for professional events by

Logistics teams that are 100% there for you!

Incredibly efficient logistics to make your event a success.

Stocking, inspection, preparation, transportation, installation, operation and providing round-the-clock support… all this requires large work flows to be implemented and coordinated in record time. We must also add our solid experience on the ground, strong organisational ability and genuine competence that cannot be found elsewhere!
At Petit Forestier, all the services we provide are "100% homemade". Our teams work together with 100% commitment!

The teams we have for you
  • Multilingual operators (French, English, German, Spanish and Italian) devoted to establishing contact, advising, pricing, registering and planning orders.
  • Specialist technical teams to maintain, inspect and repair our refrigerated equipment and vehicles.
  • Personnel and logistics for the transport of your equipment to the event location.
And in particular for refrigerated display units
  • Prep teams to look after the cabinets (cleaning, disinfection, unit protection for transportation).
  • Highly qualified teams of handlers manage on-site installation and start-up and provide a fast incident response which is very important in the events industry. They can also help you avoid any obstacles!